Low Speed Passenger Automation & Optimisation

About Us

Conigital is a team of dedicated deep tech professionals; Utilising AI and machine learning techniques, our ConICAV™ platform improves asset management and operational efficiency. This means reduced travel times, optimized transit connections and increased productivity.

ConICAV™ Platform

Automating and optimizing both novel and conventional public transport vehicles, ConICAV™ improves asset management and operational efficiency through smart assignment of autonomous vehicles based on a wide raft of data, both historic and live through Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices.

Combined with ConICAV™ is our ConOPTIUM™ system, a powerful optimisation algorithm that manages legacy systems, to create high value Big Data. This provides a 360-degree overview of vehicle, customer, and public interactions. The algorithm considers environmental, maintenance, breakdown, and accident data to make more informed decisions. Bringing together the Conigital algorithm and platform to power the Smarter Use Of Data, working together, we can overcome the public transport vehicular challenges of today, and tomorrow.

Value Propositions

  • Lift & Shift Autonomy
  • Interfaces with Legacy Systems and Vehicles
  • Optimises Fleet & Workforce
  • Asset Management
  • Creates Operational Efficiencies
  • Experienced Service Support
  • Alliance Partnerships
  • Vehicle Agnostic
  • Improved Worker Security
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint
  • Reduced Transit Times
  • Maintenance
  • Time Efficiency

Optimal Environments for Low Speed Passenger Automation

Low Speed Passenger Automation & Optimisation for Airports


A cutting-edge autonomous driving system for passenger moving.

Low Speed Passenger Automation & Optimisation for Hospitals


A revolutionary mobility solution for hospital on-site transportation.

Low Speed Passenger Automation & Optimisation for Industries


A mobility solution for transport on professional and industrial sites.

Low Speed Passenger Automation & Optimisation for Universities


An ideal autonomous mobility solution for students on large university campuses.

Low Speed Passenger Automation & Optimisation for Theme Parks

Theme Parks

A revolutionary automated people moving system for theme parks.

Low Speed Passenger Automation & Optimisation for Shopping Centres


An autonomous transportation solution for shopping complexes.

Customisable objectives for each client and per time of day

Vehicle Movements

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Asset Management

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Optimised Routes

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Fleet Optimisation

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Energy Use

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Added Value Services

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