Pioneering City technology company for Blind Citizens, Conigital Group keynotes at Innovate UK 2015…

Pioneering City technology company for Blind Citizens, Conigital Group keynotes at Innovate UK 2015…

Pioneering City technology company for Blind Citizens, Conigital Group keynotes at Innovate UK 2015… 150 150 Media Team

Monique Seth, CEO Conigital & David Golding, Head of European & International Policy at Innovate UK 2015

More than 3,000 delegates from high-growth innovative businesses, the investment community, academia and government have attended the event over two days in London with Rt Hon Sajid Javed MP opening the proceedings.

The Conigital Group is an innovative new start-up based at the Birmingham innovation campus, who are creating Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for Inclusive Smart City solutions. The company have developed advanced wireless plug and play sensors that can detect traffic flow, footfall data of pedestrians and monitor the environment for pollutants such as CO2, NoX. The Conigital Group were invited to address a keynote seminar at UK’s premier technology showcase, Innovate UK 2015 as a partner with Enterprise Europe Network and Innovate UK.

David Golding, Head of European & International Policy, EEN/Innovate UK, stated “ Conigital are exactly the type of innovative technology company we we want to support in order to drive forward inclusive smart city solutions for all citizens.”

Mr. Monique Seth, Healthcare Director of Conigital delivered a captivating and inspiring talk to a packed audience detailing their journey as a new company to date and the support received from regional development agencies such as EEN, E4F, Birmingham Made Me, IDEA Birmingham, BCU and Coventry University.

The Conigital story started 3 years ago as GeorgiePhone set up by Mr. Roger Wilson-Hind, an entrepreneur who has been blind since birth. He developed outdoor way-finding smartphone applications for the visually impaired winning the Google European Diversity Awards in 2012.

He co-founded Conigital with fellow directors Mr. Prem Moti and Monique to develop indoor navigation systems. The implications are far reaching as indoor navigation or internal GPS is not only useful to the visually impaired but has ramifications to anyone  visiting a new city, building, campus, hospital or retail centre for the first time. Further Monique described Conigital’s never seen before patent pending 4D tactile displays that can be used as display screens for mobile, tablet and other indoor/outdoor screens.

Conigital are entering an exciting and growing market. The tactile haptic sector is a fast-growing sector and, according to WIRED, is estimated to reach $7.5 billion (£4.9 billion) by 2020.

The IoT will be by far the largest device market in the world. Business Intelligence estimates by 2019 there will be 23.3 billion active IoT devices connected to the internet and that hardware will account for only $50 billion by 2019, whereas software and service providers will generate up to $550 billion revenue. It is anticipated the IoT will result in $1.7 trillion added to the global economy in 2019.

Monique stated, “As a newly formed business, getting the right advice, partners and support networks are essential to help you grow and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. EEN and Innovate UK have provided us with invaluable support in understanding us as a company, our technology, marketplace and provided us with a platform to showcase our technology to the world.Our goal is to empower blind, partially sighted and senior citizens with limited mobility with the confidence to travel (wayfind) outdoor and indoor seamlessly and unassisted from point to point through an inclusively designed smart mesh sensor network utilising a smart device (mobile phone).We believe we are one step closer to making this a reality..”

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